Different Social Media Channels

Getting your business on different social media channels is crucial for expanding your reach and brand awareness. In this article, we’ll show you how to get started with your social media accounts.

Step 1: Go to www.namecheckr.com and see if your business’s name is available on all major platforms.

Home care clients’ main platforms that seem to be the most active are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin. But you can apply for as many accounts as possible.

Choosing a name

Choosing one (1) specific name for every platform is the best practice. Multiple names across different platforms might only confuse potential clients. If your name is already taken, try to create a name with a period (.) or underscore (_) at the end of your business’s name. (I’ve also seen businesses add a “1” to the end).

Social media bio

Think of your Bio as a social media business card!

Why should someone be interested in keeping your business card? Your profile/business card should highlight exactly what the benefits are to follow your account

You can use your Bio to your advantage by testing out different versions. Create 3-4 different Bio’s (all targeting home care clients)

With each version, change your keywords, the context of your language, and play around with your power-words. Test to see which bio works the best for your business

Keywords: Keywords in your bio are also important. When someone uses search to find a business in your field, they will most likely use a keyword (Ex: Homecare in Philly)

It would help if you played around with similar keywords and phrases to see which works best for you (i.e., elderly care in Philly, nurses for the elderly in Philadelphia )

Power words: are also important in your bio! Power words are words that evoke an emotion (i.e., empathy, stress, loved ones)

Optimize your bio with keywords, power words, and a call to action. See which formula works best for your business page.

Posting on social media

Posting on social media can get overwhelming. The best way to avoid stressful social media syndrome is to schedule posts ahead of time and determine the right content mix. Make sure your calendar reflects the mission statement you’ve assigned to your business so that everything you post is working to support your business goals.

You might decide that:

  • 50% of content will drive traffic back to your website
  • 25% of content will be curated from other sources
  • 20% of content will support lead-generation goals (newsletter signups, ebook downloads, etc.)
  • 5% of content will be about your company culture

Placing these different post types in your content calendar will ensure you maintain the right mix. If you’re starting from scratch and you’re not sure what types of content to post, try the 80-20 rule:

80% of your posts should inform, educate, or entertain your audience, and 20% can directly promote your brand.

Social media designs

Your designs, colors, branding, and even the language you speak play a big role in how effective your social media profiles will be on the public. In some cases, the wrong colors can even trigger clients to refuse to do business with you. 

That said, your branding should be consistent across all your social media channels (as well as your website). 

You can design posts on social media without being an art major and or knowing even knowing photoshop. 

The tool we use to design 95% of our client’s social media designs is Canva. With Canva, you can design anything from logos, templates and even create short videos to post. 

Sign up for a free account and get started with designing. Canva recently launched their own scheduling tool, so now you can create a design and schedule out your entire month. (Paid version only)

When to post

Knowing when to post on social also plays a big factor in the right people seeing your content. It’s best to post when your potential clients are the most active online. To do so, you’ll need to gather data from the insights section of your social media profiles. 

On average, you should post at least 1-2 times per day if you’re starting. For rapid growth, you should post quality content at least 3-5 times per day. 

When to post

Social media is a staple in your business. It’s considered to be the second outlet for learning about a business’s brand and or reputation (behind google). Having a sturdy social media strategy is almost essential to the growth of every small business.

Think of social media as a free and organic way to getting your brand in front of the eyes of others. 

Social media growth won’t happen overnight, and at times, it can be stressful, but always remember social media is a long game, and it’s almost inevitable to have it.

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